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Hi, my name is Christie Jess and I am the founder of Back 40 Valet Trash and Recycling Services, LLC. I personally remember the challenges of being a young professional living in an apartment community and having to be personally responsible for my trash and recyclables. I know that as a young professional you are busy. You have work, family and social commitments which take about 26 hours a day and unfortunately you only have 24 hours to work with. I loved and still do services which enrich my life by allowing me to free up my time to do the things that I love doing or need to do. I would rather be biking, walking my dog, cooking dinner with my husband or having cocktails and dinner with friends.

Now that I am a business owner and work in an office environment someone at my office has to be responsible for the recycling of all of the trash that we generate. We have to take turns to find the time to take all of our recycling to the local recycling center. The majority of the time we found out that we would run out of space to store our recycling so we would just throw it away in the trash. Not a good solution! We all want to do our part, however, let's be honest, recycling is one of those things that we do when it is convenient. The amount of recyclables that go to the landfill each year in the United States from residents, office buildings and businesses is staggering.
The inconvenience of certain necessary chores can make our lives hectic and keeps us feeling that we are never caught up. I have always hated taking my trash and recyclables to a central dumpster, which seemed to be located on the “Back 40”, fighting the dumpster lid that I could never reach or open, being nervous about taking my trash and recyclables out late at night or early in the morning which seemed to be the only time I had available. Having to drag my bags down two or three flights of stairs, breaking my trash bag and if I tried to put it in my car, it would inevitably leak all over the floor of my car. I hated to have to deal with the different extreme weather conditions, whether it be rain, sleet, snow or hot and miserably humid.
What about all of those boxes? We all shop on line now and have a stack of boxes waiting to go to the dumpster or better yet take them to be recycled. It’s amazing how long we can ignore them. Let’s be honest…recycling is one of those things that we all wish we would do, but it is just so inconvenient. I love the idea and I know you do too that we need to be protecting our planet and doing all that we can do to make it a better place for us and future generations. We need to be good stewards for our planet and Back 40 Valet Trash & Recycling Services LLC gives you an easy, convenient and economical way to help out and give back.

Service Areas:

Benefits to Management

  • Cleaner community
  • Happier residents
  • Added benefit to attract new residents
  • Fast collection for minimal on-site trash issues
  • Incentive payment for referrals
  • Frees your on-site staff from waste related chores



  • 2 Bag Maximum - Each Bag Secured, Not Torn or Leaking
  • 25 lbs Maximum Per Bag


  • 25lbs max per bag
  • 2 bags maximum
  • Glass should be separate in box or bag
  • Cardboard boxes should be broken down and stacked
  • Use blue recycle bags. Available at:

Items Accepted:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum/Tin
  • Paper/Magazines/Newspaper
  • Cardboard (boxes broken down)
  • Glass 
  • Press board (cereal & food boxes)

Back 40 Mission

"We finish your chores at your front door."